requires constantlyvisual
explorationitneverstops... keep an open mind and have a thirst for adventure
until every subtle detail is well crafted.

● REC (Beta Version)

I focus on crafting wow! interfaces & experiences that just work.✌️ Seriously... it's that simple.
No bullshit design thinking or product measures,
those are made for people who can barely use Powerpoint.

I’ve been pushing
pixels for over a decade. and yes, sometimes I also work
with asshöles.
never underestimate their super power.

Developing nice things for good. High-class UI components under simple subscription.
Use these to bring life into your sites, apps and

My dream island.

Inspired by


I'm now struggling 🐒
with TV interaction in
a jungle called mediacorpse where vulgar monkeys are fighting over bananas.

I also created those

that makes you
f*king laugh...

Thank you for flipping.
You're truly awesome! If you want to say hi or do something nice together,
I'm happy to connect and help.